Strangely, this is the first time I’ve sat and watched ‘300‘, despite it being released in 2006. I’ve seen and heard the memes, and I’ve even seen the really bad spoof movie ‘Meet the Spartans’ that no doubts heavily riffs on this. I’m familiar with Frank Miller’s work too and enjoyed ‘Sin City‘ & ‘Watchmen‘, I can live with or without Zack Snyder movies, the only one I can remember really enjoying was his remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead‘.

The first thing I couldn’t help but notice was just how British this movie is; Gerard Butler, as King Leonidas; Lena Headey, as Queen Gorgo; Dominic West, as Theron; and Peter Mensah, as the messenger all appearing within the first 10 minutes. I always get a nice surprise seeing British people in movies I wouldn’t expect to see them in… granted Gerard Butler is the lead actor, but whatever. Actually, while I’m talking about Gerard Butler I always have a hard time believing him in these badass heroes roles like ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘ and ‘London Has Fallen‘. Yet, seemingly that’s what he is – an action hero. He just seems too nice to be one. Like there’s this aura of niceness that just glows warmly from him, where he’s more likely to give you a cup of tea rather than a bullet to the knee. Maybe that’s just me.

With 300 based on Sparta’s stand against Persia, and taken from the works of Frank Miller’s graphic novel series I was expecting this to be exciting. The battles are graphic and bloody but beyond that this movie is pretty boring, which now I think about it I often feel this way watching Snyder’s movies: Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, and even at times Watchmen. There’s just nothing interesting holding the action together, just a bunch of long drawn out speeches against a grim backdrop. One of the most memorable moments in the entire movie happens within the first 15 minutes.
Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey‘ was released in 2018, it manages to keep the characters interesting and the dialogue fast while skirting around the same events.

While the action itself is fun at first, the long drawn out slow motion and panning started to detract from what I felt were rather intense moments. Sure it made the battles seem almost dance like at times, and highlighted how skilled the Spartans were, but it overstayed its welcome.
I don’t know, I was just expecting something more.

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